Roger worked with my son who was really hard to reach. He was able to create some really great strategies and established a good rapport with him.  Most importantly he created harmony in my son’s life and allowed me to have a more positive relationship with him again.

– Alena Franek, mother of a child with ASD

Reno, Nevada

Roger was instrumental in creating an atmosphere that our students could learn in.  He was able to work with our most difficult kids and managed to shift their behavior to the point that they stopped arguing with staff and running out of the classroom and sat down and did some work.  For one of our kids this was the first time in 5 grades that that had happened!

– Natalia Harispuru, teacher


Roger is part of our Multiple Exceptionalities teaching team, and assists Grade 4 to Grade 8 students diagnosed with Autism, Down Syndrome, and other exceptionalities. Roger is a skilled and experienced educator who has helped our students with exceptionalities improve their learning and become more self – confident and independent individuals. I am sure that you will enjoy reading this book. It will provide you with insights into effective parenting strategies.

– Anthony De Ciantis, principal

St. Edward Catholic School, T.C.D.S.B.

Raising children is hard enough for most.  Raising children well is a challenge for everyone.  Sadly, many caregivers do not know they have missed the mark in raising children that have good self-esteem, manners, and a desire to be the best version of themselves that they possibly can, until it is too late and the ability to truly influence them is all but gone because their children have almost grown up. 

Read ANY chapter in this book.  Use the ideas and you may start to see improvements in your home almost immediately. Better yet, read the whole book, and identify how many of the 20 mistakes you make daily.   

To change some things in your life, YOU must CHANGE some things in your life.  Start here.

As an educator, a newly-wed and, hopefully, a future parent this book presents truths that I have seen through out my life. A form of child rearing that I’ve seen grow into what is seemly the norm—the breeding of ego-centric children.  Mr. Ramsukh uses many real life experiences coupled with behavioural theory to push out this new wave of child rearing and encourage parents, educators, and all who help raising children to be the example of change.  

“Sorry if this shocks you but it’s the truth and someone has to tell you.” 

To properly teach my future students and children, requires a great deal of self-reflection and analytical understanding into what I truly would like to foster. The book helps raise questions within, such as: What is my goal? What are my actions implying to the fragile, developing mind of this child? This book challenges the reader to look closely into the mirror – how can we change ourselves in order to better our children? Is that how you’d like your child to behave? This book epitomizes the saying of “the apple does not fall far from the tree”. 

– Stefanie Da Re, teacher


– ‘Old School Parenting, In a New Way’

Get the Hang of this parenting thing.

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